Commitment to Excellence
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IMPACT Consulting non-for-profit is incorporated for the purpose of embracing educational opportunities for students through capacity building, mentoring, research support, professional development, and consultation tailored to the environment.

  • Student attendance tracking and improvement
  • Student mentoring
  • Post Secondary career planning
  • Discipline analysis and planning
  • Data analysis and target professional development
  • Compare program effectiveness on different participant or student groups
  • Professional development and planning sessions around cultural context
  • Increase your organization’s ability to evaluate systems
  • Understanding cultural and social that impact school climate
  • Common Core Conversion
  • New Teacher Mentoring
  • Capacity Building

IMPACT will work with you to gather, organize, analyze and understand conditions that answer questions relevant to your organizations success.

Particular areas of expertise include assessment, data-driven decision making, teacher and administrator professional development, working with community groups, classroom management, professional mentoring and urban school reform.

IMPACT provides a wide range of skills, perspectives and experience to every project we undertake, as well as a great respect for the commitment, passion and energy that educators bring to their interactions with youth every day.

We are a flexible, reliable, and creative, and will work closely with you through all the steps of the project. We believe that a high degree of trust, collaboration and communication are essential to a successful partnership.

--Shaka Rawls, Founder